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Construction excavation requires long term experience, skillset and extreme attention to detail. Excavation is the first step to setting large structures and creating the foundation for the entire building process. As a north Georgia excavating company, Spartan Enterprise has worked with several builders in the region to help lay the initial work for their projects. Excavation is used for the building of foundations for homes, roadways, and buildings. Excavation can also be used to form reservoirs like lakes, ponds, and pools. Before the excavation process can begin, the property must be examined thoroughly to ensure the natural habitat and artifacts on or near the site will be protected throughout the entire excavation process. After the plans for the build of the site are made, we make drawings corresponding to them that enable us to mark the structure’s boundaries. Once these important steps have been carefully completed, excavation to the site may begin.

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There are several important applications of excavation. Some uses include environmental restoration, exploration, construction, and even mining. Construction is one of the most common practices for excavation. Trenching, digging, dredging, and site development are some of the different excavation processes used in construction. Numerous factors can influence the time length of excavating a site and times can vary for different excavation processes. By making sure to select a well rounded excavation company who understands safety precautions, has a history of quality work, and has experience with different types of land terrains ensures that you receive the best outcome for your excavation project. As the number of excavation contractors Georgia has continues to grow, Spartan Enterprise remains standing proudly above the average company, by always bringing a vast amount of experience and field knowledge to each of our customers. As we look back at our previous excavation work, we can see many successfully completed jobs and just as many satisfied customers. Reach out to us today if you are in need of any excavation work and you want to make sure you have the right company for the job!