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Rome Property and Land Services


Land Clearing

Spartan Enterprise Property and Land Services provides efficient land clearing solutions, expertly removing trees, shrubs, and debris to prepare your property for its next project.


Our team at Spartan Enterprise specializes in safe and precise demolition services for both residential and commercial structures, ensuring a clean slate for future developments.

Site Development

We offer comprehensive site development services for residential and commercial properties, handling everything from initial planning to final construction with professionalism and expertise.

Forestry Mulching

Utilizing advanced forestry mulching techniques, Spartan Enterprise transforms overgrown land into manageable and aesthetically pleasing landscapes, enhancing property value and usability.


Our skilled excavation services at Spartan Enterprise cater to a variety of projects, ranging from foundation digging to large-scale earth moving, with precision and safety as our top priorities.


Expert site grading services from Spartan Enterprise ensure proper drainage and foundation stability for your property, laying the groundwork for successful construction and landscaping projects.

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The Superior Land Clearing And Tree Removal Rome GA Service

 Spartan Enterprise provides land clearing services in Rome. Our highly skilled team has considerable experience and training in the most appropriate land clearing procedures. We provide the most cost-effective and time efficient services for our customers. Our land clearing services can help regain the functionality of your overrun, under maintained, cluttered land. Most of our land clearing involves the removal of trees, stumps, brush, and any other vegetation that may be overtaking a property. We can guarantee that you will not find a more reliable land clearing and tree removal Rome GA service provider. Contact us today for all of your land clearing needs, big or small, you can count on Spartan Enterprise to get the job done right.

Professional Forestry Mulching Canton GA

Forestry Mulching Rome GA Service You can Depend on

 The use of Forestry Mulching in Rome is becoming more popular for residential and commercial property clearing. Our team has years of experience providing forestry mulching services. Much of our experience comes from construction site clearing, land improvements, and public trail preservation. We have found that forestry mulching is a much more efficient method of clearing than the older more common methods. We can provide a better quality of service to our customers at a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods. When you choose Spartan Enterprise, you are choosing an expert, cost-effective, and reliable service. If you are in need of forestry mulching Rome GA service, give us a call today for a free quote.

Professional Grading Services Canton GA

Proper Site And Driveway Grading Rome, GA

Our company provides quality land grading services. Our team will provide a strong land foundation for the building of residences, facilities, or parking lots on ground that is free of any impediments. To make sure your foundations stay safe, our team will make sure your property has adequate draining. This will allow you to rest assured, knowing that no costly foundation repair will come up in the future due to lack of drainage. We have years of experience in commercial and residential land grading. So if you find that you have water puddling up at your foundation, don’t stress. Spartan Enterprise offers our reliable land grading services in Rome, GA. We also use our land grading expertise for driveway installation and repairs. We know that no one wants to come home to a rough and bumpy driveway. We feel that this is another way to provide our experienced service while helping make your life easier. So, if you need land or driveway grading Rome, GA service, kindly call our team at Spartan Enterprise. We would be happy to help out in any way possible.

Canton Excavation Service Spartan Enterprise

The Excavating Services Rome Can Trust To Get The Job Done

 Spartan Enterprise offers exceptional excavation services. There are a number of different processes that require excavation service. Trench digging is one of our more common applications of excavation work. Most of the trenching we do at Spartan Enterprise is used for drainage systems, footers, and retaining walls. Septic tank digging is also a common need for our excavation service. We have years of experience preforming safe excavation services. We at Spartan Enterprise offer excavating services Rome GA can depend on. If you are in need of any of the services just mentioned, or possibly another excavation requirement give us a call today, we equipped to deliver the best results.

Demolition Services Near Canton, GA Spartan Enterprise

Commercial And Residential Demolition Services In Rome GA

 Our Spartan Enterprise team is experienced in commercial and residential demolition. We specialize in the most efficient method of demolition today. At Spartan Enterprise we use heavy machinery to dismantle structures such as houses, offices, abandoned warehouses, churches, etc. This method of demolition is called mechanical demolition. It is much faster and safer than the traditional method of dismantling. We focus on safety and time-efficiency to help bring the best results to each of our customers. When demolishing a structure, specific techniques must be used, so we recommend allowing a professional to handle any demolitions. If you have an old or unwanted structure that needs to be demolished you can depend on the experts here at Spartan Enterprise to get it done safely. For our Commercial or residential demolition services in Rome give us a call Today!

Dedicated Site Development Services in Rome

Site Preparation Service Spartan Enterprise

 Our company offers our expert site development services in Rome. Every great contractor knows that a site must be properly developed before construction of a structure can begin. We at Spartan Enterprise know that site preparation is a vital step in the construction industry. By ensuring that your site is developed correctly, you are also providing security to the rest of the building process. To prevent future hardships on-site, we practice very thorough site development. We special in the development of residential and commercial construction sites. If you need a sound site development contractor, contact us today!

Spartan Enterprise Quality Services

We are the most reliable Land Clearing Company to handle all of your property needs. Over the years, we have given our customers safe, dependable, and trustworthy services. Our existing long term customers and a top position in the industry have emerged from our exceptional services and efficient machinery use.

We view each job as an opportunity to serve within the community, regardless of how big or small the job is. Our licensed & insured services are accessible at a reasonable cost to all Rome residents. We provide a full spectrum of services including: land clearing, forestry mulching, grading, excavation, and site development. We recognize that safety and environmental health are very important, and we believe that our services help create a positive impact.

From the beginning, we have taken every measure to establish the most reliable and professional services. Our expertise in the industry guarantees that we are more than capable to address any issues you may be having with any area of expansion or preservation on your property.

Our services are always present and more than competent, regardless of the season, weather, or surroundings. Spartan Enterprise is among the best specialists in our field. We have the ability to examine your problems, concerns, and dreams and put our best services to work on your property. We use top of the line machinery and techniques to ensure our service integrity. Please contact us if you wish to take advantage of our Rome services. We can assure that we will perform to our best ability to achieve the desired results.


We are positioned highly in our industry due to our customer satisfaction guarantee and our reliable equipment. Each job we take on at Spartan Enterprise is viewed as another opportunity to service the community. If you need an expert for land clearing, forestry mulching, excavation, grading, demolition, or site development then you can count on us. We have years of expertise in each of the services that we offer to Canton, GA.

At Spartan Enterprise we put our focus into the improvement of safety and our environment. We believe that our services provide a positive impact to both of our focus points. We also take great pride in our outstanding customer retention rate. Many of our customers have used our company for a number of our services. If you need a company that you can rely on for all our property needs, then give us a call today!