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Blue Ridge Property and Land Services


Land Clearing

Spartan Enterprise Property and Land Services provides efficient land clearing solutions, expertly removing trees, shrubs, and debris to prepare your property for its next project.


Our team at Spartan Enterprise specializes in safe and precise demolition services for both residential and commercial structures, ensuring a clean slate for future developments.

Site Development

We offer comprehensive site development services for residential and commercial properties, handling everything from initial planning to final construction with professionalism and expertise.

Forestry Mulching

Utilizing advanced forestry mulching techniques, Spartan Enterprise transforms overgrown land into manageable and aesthetically pleasing landscapes, enhancing property value and usability.


Our skilled excavation services at Spartan Enterprise cater to a variety of projects, ranging from foundation digging to large-scale earth moving, with precision and safety as our top priorities.


Expert site grading services from Spartan Enterprise ensure proper drainage and foundation stability for your property, laying the groundwork for successful construction and landscaping projects.

land clearing in Blueridge GA.- near me

Professional Land Clearing Blue Ridge GA

Spartan Enterprise offers land clearing Blue Ridge GA services. We have the equipment to do it all. Our experience and knowledge goes back many years. We offer great services to the entire north Georgia region and have an outstanding customer satisfaction rating. We offer competitive pricing so you get the quality at a great price. We will take on any size project no matter how big or small. Regardless of the size of a job, Spartan Enterprise delivers the same exceptional service every time. If you have land that needs cleared, give us a call at Spartan Enterprise.

Mulching service in Blueridge GA.- near me

Blue Ridge Forestry Mulching Pros

Spartan Enterprise offers Blue Ridge forestry mulching services. What is forestry mulching? Forestry mulching is a type of land clearing where vegetation such as trees, brush, and shrubs are shredded using a rotary drum with blades or steel chippers. Forestry mulching is becoming the most popular form of land clearing service for many reasons. This process is very time efficient compared to other methods of land clearing. One acre of land can be cleared in just 2-3 hours using forestry mulching equipment. There is also little to no clean up on these jobs because all the vegetation is shredded finely on the ground. The mulch that is left behind can then help enrich the soil that is on the property. With all these great benefits it is easy to see why our customers love our forestry mulching services. If you have land that you would like cleared, give us a call at Spartan Enterprise. With our customer satisfaction in forestry mulching, Blue Ridge, GA is guaranteed to be pleased. 

Grading service in Blueridge GA.- near me

Grading Blue Ridge GA Soil The Right Way

Is your property uneven? Are you tired of your driveway feeling like a bumpy roller coaster ride? You are in luck. You have come to the right place to fix all your grading issues. Spartan Enterprise offers some of the best grading services in Blue Ridge. We have a superior team of grading experts at your disposal. We have been fixing grading problems all over north Georgia for years. We provide a quality finished product that our customers are always satisfied with. We offer grading services for drainage issues, foundation protection, driveway repair, new construction builds and so much more. We have competitive prices and expertise so there is no need to keep searching. You can get the quality that you deserve right here at Spartan Enterprise. Give us a call today, we know that you find us to be the best grading Blue Ridge GA service provider around.

Excavation work in Blueridge GA.- near me

Spartan Enterprise Blue Ridge Excavating

We have exceptional Blue Ridge excavating services. We offer prices that are hard to beat with results that are untouchable. Our team has been using excavators for years and are extremely skilled at doing so. We have used excavating in the past to install our storm shelters, dig for septic tank installation, and also quick tree removal. We have also dug many trenches for customers to install drainage systems, retaining walls, concrete footers, and so much more. We have years of safe and effective excavating projects. Reach out to our outstanding team of operators at Spartan Enterprise today if you are looking for excavation service in Blue Ridge.


Demolition services in Blueridge GA.- near me

Do You Need Demolition Service In Blue Ridge?

What does it take to complete a demolition? You will need the proper equipment and an experienced team to tackle a demolition. There are also dangers to be aware of when demolishing a structure. At Spartan Enterprise, we have completed several demolition and have highly skilled experts that operate our equipment. We are familiar with the process and we also recommend that a demolition be handled by a professional. We use heavy equipment like excavators to demolish structures. This method is called mechanical demolition. This process is much faster than the traditional method of dismantling a building by hand. This can also be a safer way technique if handled correctly. If you have a structure that needs to be torn down, give a professional at Spartan Enterprise a call today! We offer our experienced demolition service in Blue Ridge.

The Experts Of Blue Ridge Site Development

Site development in Blueridge GA.- near me

If you are a construction contractor in Blue Ridge, you will be happy to hear that Spartan Enterprise is offering professional Blue Ridge site development. We have a background in the construction industry and land services. With our expertise we are able to tackle even some of the largest land development projects. We have a vast understanding of every aspect that goes into a great development. We understand that most site improvements include building footprints, lighting, drainage systems, roadways, landscaping, cross sectioning, building elevation, and parking lots. With our exceptional team you can rest assured knowing that every will be laid out correctly. Our customer satisfaction history will speak for itself, but we will guarantee that you will be pleased with the results. If you need site development in Blue Ridge, give Spartan Enterprise a call. You are always ready to help!

Spartan Enterprise Integrity

If your property is in need and you are looking for a top-rated company to tackle those needs, we are the ideal company. Our services in Blue Ridge are high quality, reliable, and guaranteed to make your property look top-notch. Our customers are provided with dependable, safe, and trusting services that ensure your satisfaction.

Our industry-leading position is nothing more than a result of our values and exceptional services. Every customers property is treated as an opportunity for us, whether it is land clearing, forestry mulching, excavating, grading, site developing, or demolition. Our licensed, insured, and professional services are available to all Blue Ridge residents at prices that give you more bang for your buck.

Our focus at Spartan Enterprise is the safety and maintenance of your property. We ensure that your property will be taken care of and highly maintained. Making an investment in our services is a wise decision that will impact not only the value of your property, but the environment.

We make every effort to allow you to trust your decision in choosing Spartan Enterprise for your property needs. Our trained professionals are able to handle any needs you may have for your property. For any of our Blue Ridge services, give us a call or submit a form and we will be happy to communicate with you. Spartan Enterprise would be honored to help with your property!